Governance for the Circular Economy

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Governance for the Circular Economy By Susan Stuebing and Cees Anton de Vries, 72 Pages Paperback ISBN 9789082961904. Leaders in change and sustainability. 10 Principles to build governance for Business, Government and NGOs. (2018)

Update 2020

Globally, we need a new approach to governance, based on regenerative systems. Governance for the Circular Economy is fundamental to engage necessary change. The COVID-19 pandemic offers the world a moment to pause and consider new approaches.  In particular, we witness the result of supply chain collapse. Many initiatives are limited by systems controls, and values, in operation more than a half century. To enable transformation, new patterns of interaction in civil society, corporations and governments are required. What are the strategic building blocks of governance for the Circular Economy?  For this reason, we interviewed 20 thought leaders worldwide. Their observations and recommendations are combined in this report. 


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We have received many positive reactions from the initial study.  In 2020, we will be expanding this work with your participation and support for this work.  The next version of this book will be published in 2021.  How can you participate?

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We invite you to participate in this dialogue on reframing governance to meet the needs of a circular economy. Practitioners in the circular economy, executives in business, leaders in government and activists in NGOs and other non-profits are invited to share experiences and exchange views to develop a new, common and powerful theory of change.

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If global patterns continue as they now are, our planet will soon accommodate 10 billion people. Scientists warn that our lifestyle is not sustainable, and that humans have disrupted nature and diminished bio-diversity. Swift action towards regeneration is required. On every continent civil action groups and NGOs promote new patterns of production and consumption. However the contributions are scattered. Our planet will benefit from collaborative learning that will unfold the conditions and mechanisms to create robust regenerative patterns. We invite your suggestions and experiences to help build a Circular Economy.

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